Advice on avast blocking download?

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Hi Experts,

I am having avast anti virus software, and I tried on additional protection > site blocking > enable site blocking.

Then it avast blocking download on a particular site. Share your experience with me.



James Yorath

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Advice on avast blocking download?


Hi there.

This should be an easy fix for us, since I own aVast too and I have the same problem. aVast does not allow download from a site because it thinks that it`s a virus.
I read on the internet and found a solution, which helped me and now will help you.
Click on the aVast icon, in the bottom right corner next to the computer time. From there go to Program Settings.
Once there we are going to scroll down to a section called Exclusions and simply enter the site that is causing us all of them problems.
Now avast is going to allow download from that site. Repeat this for any website that aVast seems to forbid. 
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Advice on avast blocking download?


Like any other internet security program such as ESET Smart Security and Norton Internet Security, Avast may also block certain websites from getting accessed on your computer. The sites affected or blocked are the sites that were reported by users to cause harm to computers or impose damage to one’s machine like sending bad traffic to your computer or providing downloads infected with virus.

This website access control feature is actually user-contributed. It protects you from accessing rouge websites that can acquire your personal information as well as phishing websites. But even if this is the case, there’s still a way to access a blocked website with Avast. There are two ways to do this.

You can disable the Web Shield module to allow you to access the blocked website or add the website to the Exclusions list which allows Avast to ignore the blocked website and continue to the site and access its contents. To disable the Web Shield, right-click the Avast icon on the system tray and select “Open Avast! user interface”.

Next, go to Real-Time Shields, Web Shield, and then click Stop to disable Web Shield. After this, select the duration. Selecting “Stop for 10 minutes” will disable the Web Shield for ten minutes and will automatically activate after that. Selecting Stop Permanently will disable the module permanently. Next, click Yes to confirm. Visit the blocked site again and you will now be able to access the site.

To add the website to the Exclusions list, double-click the Avast icon on the system tray then go to Real-Time Shields, Web Shield, Expert Settings, and then select Exclusions. In the “URLs to exclude” section, in the “enter address” field, enter the URL of the website to exclude. Next, click Add to add the website the Exclusions list. And that’s it. You can now freely access the blocked website.

Take note: don’t forget to enable back the Avast Web Shield after visiting the blocked website for your own protection.

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