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I have searched names of some people. Now, for some reason, I don't want to see their names to appear every time I will use the search bar/search people in Facebook.

How will i delete or clear the history of the person I searched? I have tried to clear the history browser, still their name appears in the search bar of Facebook.

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I'm afraid there is no way to remove it because it is a function from Facebook itself and not from the browser you are using. As long as you type in the search bar / search people bar in Facebook, it will auto-search for the closest name and will list the names according to how frequent you look for the name or how close your connection is to the person with the name you typed. But if you are using a search bar from your browser, there is an option to turn auto-search off depending on what you are using.


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Any other previously searched terms are saved in the Web browser. Facebook uses this information for many functions, including the auto-complete of the search box. If you do not want any other users to see these lists, you need to remove it.  While you are in the Internet Explorer browser, select ‘Tools’ , click ‘Safety’ and then select  the ‘Delete browsing history' check box.

It is located beside the form data option  and then the auto-complete will be off.
Really hope this helps!

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Hello Problematic person,

One way to do it is to block the person if you don't want to see her/his name with his boring picture.

Or even unfriend him if he is annoying or sending a spam messages and Tag you into obscene images.

Now you know.

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Actually it is not possible to remove search bar from your Facebook account and also it is not related to browser history. This Facebook search bar show history your most closest or mutual friends. If you don’t want to see them on your Facebook profile just unfriend them or block them from your friend list. The screen shot about how you unfriend your friend from Facebook are given below

 Thanks and Regards


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I think what you are trying to do is not possible. By default, when you type or enter a word or a name in the Facebook’s search bar the site will automatically suggest or display several names that matches the word you entered. This is done automatically from the site’s server. Even if you clear or empty your web browser’s history you will still see those names appearing every time you search for a person’s name.

One of the replies above is a good suggestion. You can go around it by first blocking the person and then do the search again. This way the name of the person you no longer want to see will not appear in the site’s search results. You can always unblock the person from your account any time. But be cautious when blocking a person. If the person you blocked is included in your friends list or one of your friends, this action will remove that person from your list and if he or she notices it, the person may feel bad about it.

And that person will surely know that you have “unfriended” him or her because in order for you to include him or her back in your friends list again, you need to do a friend request again.

Sharath Reddy