What is the newest change in 3D map?

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Scientists have released the biggest ever 3D map of the universe.

What kind of change they have made so that it has been called like this?

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What is the newest change in 3D map?


Hello Justin,

The 3D map was released recently and it happens to be largest ever three dimensional map for the galaxies as well as black holes that was released by astronomers. This 3D map will be of great assistance when it comes to explaining the mysterious dark matter as well as the dark energy that is known to make the 96 percent of the universe.  

This map is the creation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III, which is an international project that maps the Milky Way in which a team from the University of Portsmouth is the only UK institution.  In the beginning of last year, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III came up with a largest-ever image of the sky as well as astronomers have used fresh data in expanding this image to come up with a full three-dimensional map.



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