Question on Merging Emails with Carbon Copy Feature

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When merging mails, it is possible to make a multiple emails with the use of Address Book. I need help on situation like this: If the address book has 3 names A,B,C and I want to send an email to those three, the letter A will show on CC: B;C; and the letter Y will show on CC: A;C; and lastly the letter C will show on CC: A;B; To make it clear, the name of the person whom I will send my email on CC will not be seen or appear. How to do this?

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Question on Merging Emails with Carbon Copy Feature



Email programs come with several helpful features. Two features are the CC: and BCC: fields. They can each be useful when you want to send an email to more than one person.
  • CC stands for "carbon copy." BCC stands for "blind carbon copy."
  • When you use CC, you are sending a copy of the email to a second person, in addition to the primary recipient.
  • When you BCC someone, the email recipient receives a copy, but no one else can see that she did.
  • If you want the main recipient of the email to see that another person also saw the email, use the CC field.
  • If you want more than one person to see the email, but do not want to main recipient to know, use the BCC field.
  • Do not CC or BCC someone on an email unless it is necessary for her to see it.
  • Double check that you used the right field. It is easy to CC someone when you meant to BCC them.

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