How to share screen shorts on instant messenger?

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I communicate with my friends and some other via instant messenger. Sometimes I need to send screen shots of my current screen as we are discussing about a method or subject. What is the way to share screen shorts instantly? Please help me.

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How to share screen shorts on instant messenger?


 Hi Mantos

You can take a screenshot of your current screen by pressing the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.

Next, open Paint on your PC and click Paste

Save the image as JPEG or GIF. Save the image in a location that is easy for you to reach

You can now send this screenshot to your friends instantly as an image


Hope I have helped you!


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How to share screen shorts on instant messenger?


Greetings Mantos,

Taking screenshot is a good idea but I have a better option. When I'm working with some of my friends and we work together we use Skype and Skype's Share Screen function. So what you need to do to get this going is to install Skype

(click to go to website).

Your friend(s) will need to install it. Find yourself via usernames on Skype (pretty much the same as in all other instant messengers). And then press Call. You don't have to talk your mic and speakers could be plugged off.

Go to the menu Call then -> Share Screens and go start. Whoever does that will give an option for other member on the skype to see everything you do on PC. Unfortunately it can't support multiple users (for share screens).

But it's an option. You could give a try.

Hope this helped you,


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