Adobe Acrobat cannot create a PDF

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I have a question concerning the editing of PDF files. I have a class project that I wanted to edit some few things but it is in form of PDF. So I installed Adobe Acrobat, problem is whenever I try to open the document I get an error as shown below. Can anyone help?

Adobe Acrobat

There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.

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Adobe Acrobat cannot create a PDF


Hello Robert,


The error shown to you may refer to the version of Acrobat Reader that you have (it is an early version).Some of the early versions can't recognize that a file was created using a later version of Acrobat Reader and present it as an error.
One possible solution is to download the latest version of Adobe Reader(11.0.4 by now) by:

1. Going to Adobe's website.

2. On the Downloads section, select Adobe Reader. Then you will get at the Adobe Readers page where you will find the Install now button.

Your problem should be solved with the new version


Osborne Percival

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Adobe Acrobat cannot create a PDF


First of all, which browser are you using? If you are using Chrome, try another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. PDFs in Chrome seems to be corrupt or maybe incompatible with Adobe Reader. If the error still appears after changing your browser, there might be some issues on the PDF file itself. It might be corrupt or damaged. Use another website to Download and save the same PDF file. Also, you may try upgrading your Adobe Reader to the latest version.

Download and install Adobe Reader latest version

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Adobe Acrobat cannot create a PDF


There is another Techyv's thread which is addressed your problem. Visit that page,  may be those techniques you can apply to solve this issue.

The file is damaged and cannot be repaired error message

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