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A Different Type of Introduction to Graphics Designing.

Now a days Graphics Designing has become the most demandable choice of all computer users. It can help people to reshape images of natural and manmade things. The main features to be discussed regarding Graphics Designing are as follows;

a) Making pictures of different objects by automatic systems.

b) To show complex objects on screen in real time.

c) Presenting sets of information to make people understand properly.

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Windows 8 developer preview has been launched

Microsoft has just launched its new operating system's beta version in continuing its legacy. "Windows 8 Developer Preview."

Windows 8, just like its predecessor not only looks sleek and beautiful but, also performs amazingly.

Windows 8's new features include:

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Android Gingerbread on certain cellular phones

As our world evolves so is the technology. Cellular phone is one of the focus of humans to fully develop so that we can communicate efficiently. There were IPhone 3G to IPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy phones and Nokia phones that compete with each other. Most of these phones are working on the operating system call Android. The first version of Android was launched last May 2009. Since then, the ever evolving process started all over again. A year later they launched Android Gingerbread. This was said to be a better flat form than the previous version, Android Froyo. Android operating system users were advised to change their systems or rather upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread.

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Installation and Configuration of Network Card in Windows 7

In this article, we will install a network card in Windows 7 and configure the network card. If you want to add your computer to a network or any network device, you need to install or configure the network card. Nowadays, every new computer you buy has a built-in network port..

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Processes on getting full bandwidth

In every Microsoft Windows operating system 20% internet speed is kept by default from the normal speed provided for general users. Microsoft Corporation reserves this 20% bandwidth for updating their product. For this reason we are being deprived from getting full bandwidth facility. Many people don’t know it. We can’t tolerate this scenario anymore. There is a very easy way by which we can get full bandwidth.

Whole process is given below which will give us freedom to get full bandwidth.

1. Click - Run

     Type - gpedit.msc

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Enhancements in windows 2003 R2

Microsoft Windows Computer 2003 R2, an operating method, makes it easier and writer expenditure telling to pay connectivity and command to identities, locations, accumulation and applications throughout and beyond system.

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The types of Operating Systems in the LINUX family

Linux has gained extreme popularity as one of the best operating systems available, along with Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Linux was developed by a group of programmers that wanted their creation to be free of charges of any sort - making it one of the most popular OS used today. There are several different kinds of Linux operating systems that are being used by people throughout the world.

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Leading operating systems

Windows 3.0 & 3.1

Microsoft entered the operating systems market with the Windows 3.0 (released in 1990) and much improved version Windows 3.1 (released in 1992). Windows 3.1 was improved and had the capability to multitask with the DOS.

However, the memory sharing issues were not resolved. Both the DOS and Windows successfully ran in the same segment of memory.

Windows 95