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Top 10 Free Proxy Software

To know about proxy software first you need to know what is a proxy, or a proxy server. It’s an inline connection server or a bridge between your PC and internet service. All data you browse on internet goes to proxy server’s cache then only required data reaches your computer. It allows you to hide your IP from the website and uses its IP to access or browse any webpage on internet. You can have all downloaded files, web pages, images, files information while using a proxy server.

SOCKS proxy

It is a networking based proxy software which permits one side host to have all authority of data browsing on the server without accessing the IP of other host’s computer. It is a software which creates a proxy connection between server and host, authenticates connection request and transmits limited data to host.

Freegate Software

It is a browser based proxy software available in two languages (English and Chinese). It is developed by Chinese, to restrict different government and private sites. No installation required, you only need to download it and run on your system. After running this software on your system you simply change the Hyper Text Transfer protocol (HTTP) proxy IP to By default this software will run in Internet explorer. It blocks all sites except Facebook.

Tor Proxy Software

One of the best anonymous proxy software which allows servers to trace internet browsing, messenger’s messaging, secure business interaction and communication with fast access speed compared to other proxy servers. This software will run smoothly in Firefox.


It is a proxy software which allows secure web browsing. The ultra surf protection software provides you with internet surfing in all browsers but with more security. There is no need of installation, simply download and run Ultrasurf program. It has an upgrade feature. It allows you to unblock Orkut and Myspace.


This software will automatically release Garden Network organizations webpage on your browser. The organization designed this proxy server for privacy purpose. Skype and Google talk messengers can be accessed by this proxy network. To use this proxy software, you have to purchase it if you are located outside China. It is one of the best data transferring software between the proxy server and host computer for privacy reasons.

Transparent proxy

Transparent proxy applies proxy on HTTP page requests. The web server is in knowledge that you are using proxy server to browse any web page. It also shows the client’s IP address. This proxy software is most suitable for network speed, but not suitable for internet security.

Your Freedom

It is a free-to-use proxy software which allows you to access and stay anonymous through Socks proxy IP protocol. It is a high level proxy software with a little bit more processing speed. It is suitable for Google and twitter, but has issues for yahoo messenger and downloading large files.

SSH Tunnelier

For government organizations and providential businesses, it is really necessary to keep track of all web links browsed on their servers. SSH tunnelier is a proxy software which allows secure data transfer and data access over network channel. It is an encrypted software so you can share your password, confidential and private files or documents over networks without any hesitation.


Gapp software is a local server proxy software introduced by Android. For this software, you first need to establish Fetch Server with Google Application. It is available in two languages.


For HYK proxy software, you need to create a goggle application. Without Google application it will not work properly. It allows you to import or export different files, easy configuration, IP address mapping with local proxy and much more.