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LG TV and monitor combines in one device

LG Electronics has unveiled the new personal television devices:DM52 and M52.With this innovation, tele viewers and gamers can enjoy the High Definition broadcast of the program to all content from the computer because these devices use a wide variety of multimedia content, on just a single screen. The new models have IPS (In-Plane Switching)screens, a touch of vivid color, and extremely wide viewing angle  with 24-inch diagonal screens using high-MVA panels.

According to the executive vice president and director of the IT department of LG Electronics Home Entertainment, JJ Lee, says, "Our goal is to develop a unique personal TV platform through the integration of multimedia and internetcontent changes the traditional understanding of television." He adds, "Regardless of whether users have a passion for 3D games using the internet or watching television standard, LG wants to provide them with high-quality devices with a wide range of possibilities."

The new LG personal TVs are characterized by the ability of the picture in picture , and allow viewers to simultaneously open multiple screens and watch the TV program in small window while using their computer. These TVs have an Infinite Surround audio system which produces superior sound quality.

Another distinctive feature of the TVs is that the devices have an Optional USB Quick View that reduces the time required to boot the computer and allows users to watch content such as images or filmovi faster and easier način.Ovi devices use modern IPS  panels instead of conventional TN (Twisted Nematic) panels on the way to ensure perfect color reproduction and superior image quality. Hence, with this technology, it emphasizes color consistency and reduces fluctuations.

Furthermore, these new LG TVs are installed with Smooth Color Change New technology.It provides an extremely clear view without any flicker on the screen, which appears normally during the dynamic action movie scenes, and sports or video games. All of these one can experience because the Tvs have an extremely wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, a new IPS screens provide viewers with the image without overlapping colors, regardless of whether they are sitting or lying down.

For viewers to have access to unlimited high quality 3D animation, DM52 allows a very easy conversion from 2D to 3D content. The converting works regardless of whether the device is connected to the computer or not.

To add, the most interesting feature is the dual play function which allows users to play twoon one screen without splitting the screen into two parts , so each player can view each other’s screen at the same time.

Finally, the DM52 and M52 models use LG Cinema 3D technology and package with a comfortable,lightweight 3D glasses.