Top 15 TV Portable apps of the Year 2012

Top 15 TV Portable apps of the Year 2012

With advancement in technology, nowadays there are many television apps available for you to enjoy. The following TV portable apps will be helpful to you if you are a TV lover:

1. iTV – A connectable app that suits most viewing habits. With iTV account you are able to interface with your Roku or Tivo box, download from iTunes, set up alerts or schedule via Netflix. You can also share upcoming show times through social media.

2. ABC Player – If you are a television lover you will definitely want to watch TV both at home and on the go. IPad comes in with a great television consumption and an ABC player app that shows off its capabilities. You will get the recent episodes with no commercial in the ABC lineup with this app.

3. TV Guide Mobile – You can consider checking out this app if you love TV guide news. The TV guide mobile app provides basics about news articles and television guide brand. Of course there are more apps for television listings, but you can get this app for basic features.

4. TV Show tracker – A well-designed app to keep tabs on your best shows. It suits those who don’t bother about what’s showing on TV apart from their favorite programs. It allows you to search for programs you like and see when the next episode will be aired.

5. EyeTV – This app allows you to schedule recordings remotely, get access to television listings and watch live TV on your iDevice. You only need to install EyeTV and the capture device in your iDevice.

6. Netflix – With this app you can instantly watch the must watch programs and manage your queues on your iDevice. The best thing with Netflix app is that it keeps track of what you recently watched so that when you transfer the app to your computer or other device you do not repeat it but continue from where you reached.

7. Seinfeld Fan App – A perfect app for Seinfeld fans. It has over 1300 trivia questions as well as a well-designed interface that’s simple to use. If you missed Seinfeld, this is the app for you to have

8. Optimum – Have you subscribed to optimum? Do you have a DVR? If yes, then this is a must have app for you. It enables you to get your television listings and control DVR. It is an app worth your trial.

9. TWC TV – An application that converts your iDevice into a television set. Even though it doesn’t include all channels and you need Wi-Fi to use, it is worth your view. The app is downloaded free of charge so you will lose nothing to acquire it.

10. Crackle movies and TV – If you a fan of TV you would definitely want to download this app. It’s a universal app with tons of television shows and movies that you can watch from your device.

11. Dish Remote Access – A free app that allows you to get television listings,have control of your DVR and enjoy watching your favorite shows. Its feature set is fantastic and it comes free for those with an active Dish subscription.

12. U-verse Mobile – An application downloaded free of charge by those with T&T U-verse subscription. It gives you an opportunity for browsingTV listings and setting your DVR to record all what you want. It’s accessed through 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi.

13. SlingPlayer – An app that favors those with an iPhone. You can freely download it into your iPhone and get television listings as well as controlling your DVR.

14. Ultimate TV Trivia – It’s fun investing some time to learn stories and characters in TV series.The Ultimate TV Trivia app allows you to test your skills in TV Trivia and has the most current classic television shows.

15. IMDb – An application that is basically thought for having tons of movie contents and television shows. With IMDb you can have a look of what is playing tonight as well as catch up with storylines that you missed.


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