How to insert Jumping Beans in Word Document

To insert Jumping Beans in Word Document Please read carefully

If you are operating with an outsized documents, and it happens toward you that it might be useful if you may link one a part of the document to a different location within the same document. You can click on Books, and immediately jumps toward Book section on pages of your text.

This characteristic works well in an exceedingly documents that have natural heading and subheadings. To make a link in an exceedingly documents that your reader will jump to, please perform the following steps to get this benefit-

1. Attach heading designs to your headings. Heading1; Heading2; Heading3 can all

do satisfactorily.

2. Choose the text within the document that you simply wish to link to at least one of these sections.

3. Choose Insert Hyperlink

4. Choose Bookmark at the lowest of dialog box.

5. Dialog box can open through all the heading and subheading in your documents. Opt for the one that you simply wish your text toward link to, plus click OK.

6. The chosen text is going to be underlined, similar to hyperlink on an internet page, plus if you click on it, you will jump toward that location within the document.


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