Top 13 Free Features for Instagram for Corby 2

Top 13 Free Features for Instagram for Corby 2

Instagram is an online service for photo sharing and social networking. It allows its users to capture pictures, use digital filters on them and share them on various social networking services like media sites as Facebook and Twitter. The best thing about Instagram is that it confines pictures into a square shape. Below are the free features of Instagram that can be used in Corby2:

1. Instamap – an app available for Corby 2 and iPad that enables users to find photos basing them on their location or hash tag. With this app results are displayed linked to a map or displayed in a gallery.

2. Instagram and Printing – this app (instaprint) provides you with a device that can be rented for in social gatherings and that allows you to print pictures on Instagram. Printgram enables the user’s Instagram collection to be printed in the form of posters and stickers.

3. Printic – provides one of the easiest methods of printing and sharing Instagram pictures from an iPhone. It is also available in Corby 2. Pictures printed are in vintage 3×4 format, in an orange envelope and a short message to the receiver.

4. Carousel – an app mainly for Mac desktops, but also available in Corby 2. It contains the standard viewing of photos and features for commenting on them. It is a simple easy app that everyone can use without being taught about it.

5. Gramframe – an Instagram screen saver for iPads as well as available in Corby 2. It is very simple to use since you only need to log in to Instagram and make a choice of watching popular photos, your own photos or friend’s photos.

6. Instagram – a free app which gives personal statistics relating to Instagram such as the number of followers,comments and likes as well as the usage statistics. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Corby 2 users.

7. Instagallery – an app that allows you to browse Instagram photos on your Corby 2, iPhone or iPad. Swipe through common photos or log in to scroll. You can like or comment on the photos of your friends. If you hit the play button the app will begin a slideshow and scroll through the photos. This app also has user profiles, options for various backgrounds, user search and support tag.

8. 4k Stogram – a free and open source app which enables one to backup Instagram photos on Linux, Mac or Linux. It is available for iPhone, iPad as well as Corby 2 users.

9. Screenstagram – a screen saver for Mac which is Instagram powered. After you download this app you will be able to see your friend’s photos as you update your screen saver. Nowadays this app is available for Windows, Linux and Android operating systems and used in the Android powered devices like Corby 2.

10. MorningPics – those who adopted Instagram early and have been posting photos for over seven months have developed a massive archive for their photos. MorningPic app provides you with a simple way of reliving those memories. Deliveries for MorningPics are randomly selected and Instagram photos taken every morning via email. This email contains likes and comments for the photo.

11. Extagram – a third party Instagram web app used for viewing, searching, linking and commenting on Instagram photos. It has an elegance interface that displays photos in Grid, Map or Filmstrip views.

12. Keepsy Instant Album – a scrapbooking print photo book for Instagram photos. It is an online app that you connect to your Instagram account. It preselects your best photos and auto-generates instant album of around 35 photos.

13. Inkstagram – a web app that allows you to browse Instagram photos. It allows you to view photos in full, medium or small sizes as you browse through your feed, your own photos or popular photos.


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