Simple guide to setup SVN a server for home users

Simple guide to setup SVN a server for home users

Setting up a SVN server and connecting to it with a remote computer in the same network is a challenging task if you really don’t know what you are doing. Here is the simplest way of doing it without making a mess.

  • First of all you should have at least two pcs networked with each other
  • Install Ubuntu server edition to one pc and keep windows 7 in another pc
  • Ubuntu pc is going to be the server and windows pc is going to be the client
  • Start both pcs and note down your Ubuntu pc’s ip address
  • Type this to install SVN in Ubuntu command line

apt-get install subversion

  • Now you are done installing SVN and setting up the server. However you have to connect to the server from your client pc now.
  • Move on to the client pc
  • Download PuTTY client for windows.(google the name PuTTY)
  • Type your server’s IP address and click SSH and type 22 as the port then connect by clicking open.
  • Log in to your Ubuntu pc remotely
  • Now you are done! You can use SVN in any amount of client pcs in your network.

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