Top 10 Canada GRC Software

The GRC is an acronym for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. The GRC software is used by many organizations to consolidate the data used by the people and regulates IT operations. The main objective of the GRC software is to handle risks in the project, reduces the complexities in the project, and make a comfortable platform for project managers. Additionally, this software meets all the requirements of different clients and stakeholders. Now, let us see the top 10 Canada GRC software.

1. HighBond:

HighBond is a GRC software developed to ensure governance, security, compliance, and risk management in IT industries. This software is developed by the Galvanize company. Many organizations use this software to handle the risks, analyze the risks, measures controlling risks, regulate compliance, etc. The HighBond software includes audits bond, controls bond, risk bond, a compliance bond.

2. LogicGate Risk Cloud:

LogicGate Risk Cloud software is based on the cloud. This software is best suitable for all the aspects of business like teaching industries, health care industries, medication industries, energy industries, etc. It provides a wide range of features that makes the project manager handle the projects with ease. This software is very easy to handle, adaptable, and flexible. The option of drag and drop of this software has made it easier to use.

3. AuditBoard:

One of the top 10 GRC software is AuditBoard, which is based on the cloud platform. AuditBoard software is used widely by the organizations to manage the risks. This software has made its third place, as is known as the best rapidly evolving technology. Additionally, AuditBoard enables users to manage, analyze, organize real-time data. The benefit of using AuditBoard is it enables the users to upload the files and collaborate with clients more easily. Also, users can get requests, send requests, and asks queries through this software.

4. ZenGRC:

ZenGRC is a software that enables organizations to manage the risk and compliance with a high level of standards. This is also a cloud-based software. ZenGRC software encourages the company to accomplish the goal of managing audits, monitoring, and handling the company’s risk. Companies make use of this software because it involves the minimum manual efforts, small audit cycles, and dashboards are visible handily.

5. Apptega:

The Apptega software is a cloud-based governance, risk management, and compliance software, which can be used for large well as small scale businesses. Apptega software works with platforms like SOC 2, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and many more. The features provided by Apptega software are project management, risk management, compliance reporting, collaboration, behavioral analytics, and many more.


The other software that stands in the top 10 places is SAS GRC software. It offers features like auditing, policy management, risk management, incident management, etc. This software provides an efficient and effective risk management program. It promotes exchange, storage, tracking of losses, convalescences from losses of the data present at the different locations of the same organization.

7. Cammsrisk:

Cammsrisk is the GRC software that identifies, analyses, monitors the risk occurring in the development of the project. This software adapts the COSO framework. Also, kt.ka compatible with the iOS and Andriod platform and provides an advantage of accessing the data of your company anytime and anywhere. All the risks of an organization can be solved under one single platform, which involves paper-less work. It provides features like incident management, issue management, audit management, and hazard management.

8. Resolver:

Resolve GRC software js used by many of the leading and renowned organizations to manage risk productively. This software provides all the training to handle the various processes in the application. Resolver software contributes a simple way to exchange the data more productively and efficiently within the same organization. It provides access to any required data, simplifies the complex data into simpler. Resolver software has data-driven decision-making capability.


SAP GRC software has the main objective to protect the company’s data. This tool ensures that the organizational data fulfills all the safety and agreement criteria. So, the primary advantage of this software is it prevents the security and authorization risks or threats to an organization’s data. Also, it curbs fraud of data. Another benefit is it reduces the expense of compliance. It offers various features like less complexity, enhances risk management activities, protects the data, protects the organization from corruption, etc. The main three components of SAS GRC are Analyze, Manage, and Monitor.

10. Oracle GRC:

Oracle GRC software is very well-known for delivering the solution to many risks occurring in the organization. Also, it prevents uncertain agreements, keeps away unauthorized data, prevents fraud, and several more. By providing the solution to the risks, it reduces the complexities and handles various GRC provisions with one single platform. Oracle GRC incorporates features like operational risk management, audit management, ISO compliance, HIPAA compliant, etc.


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