Top 10 Best Android Game Development Software

Whether you are a 10-year-old kid or 20 years old teen, we all love to play video games. In old times we used to play games on gaming consoles, and PCs. We still play games on consoles and PCs. Other than consoles and PCs you can also play games on your smartphone. Some people spend most of their time playing games on smartphones. Have you ever thought about which software these games are made?

Here is the list of 10 best software which are used for developing games for not only android for also PC and consoles.

1. Unreal Engine

The unreal engine is the most powerful and popular game engine. Unreal Engine is the first choice for most game developers because of a wide variety of features and flexibility. Unreal engine is majorly used for game development but other industries like architecture, automotive and transportation, broadcast and live events, film and animation, training and simulation, and many more. With the Unreal engine, you can make games multiple platforms like Xbox, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS, Oculus, Steam, and many more. It contains all the tools that are required to develop a stunning game. Unreal engine’s creator license is free to use and 100% royalty-free, the enterprise program of unreal engine costs Rs.1,05,000/year with no royalties for a non-game license. The game license is also free to use, but if your product is successful, then you have to pay 5% of the profit.

2. Unity

Unity is also a powerful and popular game engine. Just like the unreal engine, it also contains all tools required for developing a game. It used for creating game environments, game assets, 3D models, add game logic and many more. Unity is also used in industries like architecture, automobile, film, and animation, transportation, construction, manufacturing, etc. With unity can develop games for Android, IOS, PS5, PS4, and many more. Unity is a little bit easy to learn than the Unreal engine. If you are a student, Unity is free to use, if you are an individual creator and want for personal use, then to it is free, but there is a condition you should not collect revenue of Rs.70,00,000 in one year. The business version cost starts from Rs.2800/month and the enterprise version cost Rs.14000/month.

3. AppGamekit

AppGamekit is a game development software for platforms like windows phone, IOS, Android, and Blackberry. This software is suitable for all type’s developers; it can be used by beginners as well as professionals. It has a user-friendly UI, and anybody can use it easily. It uses a coding language that is similar to C++. You can get the free trial version from the website. These three versions of IDE are available; the studio version costs Rs.7000, the premium version costs Rs.11,200. AppGamekit is an affordable and light game development software.

4. Marmalade

Marmalade is a game development software for 2D games such as monopoly. You can develop games for platforms like Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch. Marmalade not only allows us to make 2D games but also 3D games. Many popular games are made using marmalade like Monopoly, the game of life 2, clue, vacation, Cluedo, and many more. Marmalade game studio costs Rs.42000.

5. Amazon Lumberyard

It is a free and powerful game development software developed by Amazon. You can develop games for PC, consoles, and mobile. It is free to use and contains the majority of the features required for developing a game. You can also get a tutorial from the website and learn how to make stunning games. Amazon Lumberyard provides features like twitch chatplay, twitch meta stream, Twitch JoinIn, Mod friendly, multiplayer features, cloud canvas, cloud gems framework, AWS SDK for C++, and lots more. Download the software to learn from tutorials and begin making games.

6. Construct Game Engine

Another 2D Arcade game engine developed by SCIRRA. You can develop Arcade games for any platform you want. Develop games on any platform and sell them globally. ‘Construct 2’ will be discontinued on 1st July 2021. You have to buy construct 3 after construct 2 is suspended. It is not free to use; the personal version costs Rs.369/month and Rs.2899/year. You can get it from the website.

7. Fusion

A game development software by Clickteam. Fusion is not only a game creator, but it can also create apps with the event editor system. You can create apps and games for different platforms like IOS, Android, Flash, windows phone, and Xbox. It has features like a fully integrated physics engine, friendly community support, games for multiple platforms, etc. You can get the free version from the website.

8. Game Maker Studio

A game developing software by YOYO games. It is a 2D game developer with drag and drops feature and a language that is easy to learn. You can make games for multiple platforms like IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, etc. It provides features like backward compatibility, tutorials to learn, laptop mode, skinning, docking, object editor, script editor, library, code preview, GameMaker Language, tile brushes, inheritance, and many more. You can get a 30-days free trial, the creator version costs Rs.2800, developer version costs Rs.7000, and the console version costs Rs.56000.

9. Corona SDK – The 2D Game Maker

It is free to use and powerful game developing software. You can use this software to not only create games but also apps for different platforms like iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire, macOS, Windows, and smart TVs. Corona provides features like plug-ins for in-app advertisement, analytics, media, and many more, real-time simulation, live-testing, speed and performance, easy setup, and many more. Corona SDK is completely free and open-source software. You can download it directly from the website.

10. Spritekit SDK – 2D sprite-based Games

Spritekit is the first game engine developed by Apple incorporate. It is free to use. Spritekit game engine is used to develop 2D games. It has a wide range of features. It can be used for developing games only for IOS.


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