How to make poster using Picasa


How to make poster using Picasa

Poster craze is a normal hobby for young generation. People love to collect posters of their favorite film star, movies, sports man. With Picasa 3.9.0 you can easily create poster. After creation you can print them and put them anywhere you want. The Make a poster option in Picasa 3.9.0 lets you to separate your desired photo into different parts and lest you to print them individually; so that later you can put them all together and use your poster.

Before that, here is a guide on how to download and install Picasa. Please watch the video below:

For creating a poster from a photo you need to follow these steps:

1.   Select the photo that you want to make a poster of. The image can be of any format (jpeg, jpg, bitmap, png, tif etc.)

2.   Click on the Create tab and choose Make a poster.

3.   A new window will be open and you need to choose the poster and paper size. Choose according to the size of poster you want to make. Different sizes are available.

4.   You will find a check box saying Overlap Tiles. If you select this option then each image will overlap slightly on each sheet. It makes the coordination of the sheets easier after printing. You can easily attach the sheets altogether with this option.

5.   Then click on OK button. Now you will get the poster. Different sections of the main image will be created as individual files.

So now your poster is ready!!! Picasa creates different sections of the original photo and puts them in the folder where the original photo is. Now you can print each section and later put them altogether and use tape to create your poster. The original photo remains unchanged. So now make any photo a poster and print. It’s a fun feature that Picasa supports.


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