Wrong RAM amount in Windows XP

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Hi all, I got a problem with RAM. I recently upgraded my RAM, I added 2GB to the existing 2GB. That makes it 4Gb or 4096MB,

but  Windows XP shows 3GB of  RAM in the properties.The memory is shared with graphics memory, but my graphics memory

is 128MB.Where is the rest of the RAM? 

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Wrong RAM amount in Windows XP


Hi Drake Parker,

When you use multiple RAMs in multiple RAM slots, Operating system always show a little lesser RAM amount available.

Your RAM is also shared with your Graphic Card, so its quite normal that your Operating system is displaying lesser Memory.

Its normal, don't worry.




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Wrong RAM amount in Windows XP


Hi dear,
if your system shows you that your ram is more than 2GB that means you placed or added your ram successfully. now if its less than the amount you expected then don’t worry it happens. you can always check the memory or ram by using a software called “cpu-z” it calculates exact capability of your system.

you also state that your ram is shared with your video card. it may be capable to support only 128 MB but it may hold more than that amount of RAM’s space. you can be sure by checking it on your BIOS. you can also control how much of your RAM will be consumed by your video driver form there

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