Ubuntu 12.04 Very Slow On Low RAM

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Running Ubuntu on low physical memory can be hassle, in this case while loading Ubuntu starts using swap partitions that is hard disk to get enough memory requirement at a time this greatly reduces system speed. How can we work around this issue?

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Ubuntu 12.04 Very Slow On Low RAM


The simplest solution to this problem is to reduce the swappiness value, it would take greater time to load Ubuntu with a low memory RAM but other performance issues due to swapping hard disk parts will not be there. We can achieve it by the following steps: a) After startup run the terminal and type cat/proc/sys/vm/swappiness to check the current swappiness that Ubuntu has set according to requirements.

b) The result is expected to be 60 which is the default value for Ubuntu, if a value of 60 is causing trouble we need to reduce it.

c) We have to open the file /etc/sysctl.conf using any default text editor and change the value vm.swappiness=10 or to any other desired value at the end of the file.

d) Save the file and try a reboot. Swappiness problem should be solved

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