WinZip error in downloading Informatica 9.0.1

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From the site, I download the informatica 9.0.1 hotfix2 I software and installed it.
Then, I tried to extract informatica client but I am getting the following error:
Detecting archive type…
Searching for recovery record
> recovery record not found
Please help me to solve this error. Please reply as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.
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WinZip error in downloading Informatica 9.0.1


There are some steps to be followed in Informatica server to solve this, but can be done by administrator only.

Informatica has option that is recovery strategy, if this is specified than integration service will restart the failed session.

To enable recovery strategy in IPC, in the workflow properties set Enable Ha recovery and set the number of times the session should be restarted before it fail.

This option will help in case of session failure and configure the session properties Recovery Strategy as Restart Task.

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WinZip error in downloading Informatica 9.0.1


This problem is caused by a corrupted setup file and missing files. As a result, it is showing errors.

It can be fixed in some way. You can follow the Informatica server to fix this. But only administrators can solve this problem.

There is an option so that it can be recovered by strategy.

To enable recovery strategy, IPC has to restart task in the properties. This option makes it possible to configure the session properties by recovery strategy.

More information can be found by visiting this site.

You can fix the problem by downloading a new file. And then install with the accompanying instructions.

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WinZip error in downloading Informatica 9.0.1


If the file you downloaded is a ZIP (*.zip), try unpacking it first because ZIP files are not executable and they are not designed to run like normal programs do. A ZIP file is a compressed file. The ZIP file extension (.zip) is just a container and the file you need is the one inside this container. To get that file, you have to extract or unpack the file.

To extract or unpack the contents of the ZIP file, you can use WinZip, WinRAR, or 7-Zip. These are good file compressors and they can extract contents from ZIP files. Once the files are unpacked, go to the folder where the extracted files are located and run the program.

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