Windows start up problem – “AegisE5.dll was not found”

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Hello there!

I am having a problem with my computer. Whenever I turn it on, an error message keeps on popping up saying “This application has failed to start because AegisE5.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”, and the only way I could minimize it is through the Task Manager. I was hoping you could teach me where I can find AegisE5.dll and how I can reinstall it so that I’ll be able to fix it myself. I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

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Windows start up problem – “AegisE5.dll was not found”



Q: What is AegisE5.dll?

A: The AegisE5.dll is a software assembly installed with some software applications which were created by Meetinghouse Data Communications, a company that was acquired by CISCO in 2006.

Q: Is aegise5.dll harmful?

A: This process is not considered to be harmful.

Q: Can I stop or remove aegise5.dll?

A: All most all of the non-system processes running on the system can be stopped as they are not involved in running your OS. aegise5.dll is a service that is used by 'The AEGIS Client API'. This application was created by 'Meetinghouse Data Communications'. In order to stop aegise5.dll permanently, you will need to uninstall 'The AEGIS Client API' from the system.

Q: How to uninstall "The AEGIS Client API" from your system?

A: Windows users:

1. Click on "Start".

2. Click on "Control Panel".

3. Click on "Add or Remove Programs".

4. Select "Remove a Program".

5. Uninstall "The AEGIS Client API" application from your system.

Q. Is there an alternate method to resolve the problem?

A. Yes, there is an alternate method in case you are not able to uninstall the software or are not willing to do so. The method is to disable the service from Windows startup and you can follow the steps below if you want to do so:

1. Click on "Start".

2. Click on "run" and type "msconfig" (only msconfig) and press enter.

3. A "system configuration utility" window should pop up on your screen.

4. Click on the tab that says "Startup".

5. Uncheck all files that mention "AegisE5.dll" or "AegisE5".

6. Click on "Apply" and "OK".

7. Restart your system. .

NOTE (for step 5):

–> In case you are not able to find any file by the name "AegisE5.dll" or "AegisE5", please check mark in the box that says DISABLE all and then follow the steps further.

–> Disable all the items will remove all the items starting up with your Windows OS and will speed up your computer as well (No Softwares will be uninstalled).

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Windows start up problem – “AegisE5.dll was not found”


If you are getting this problem in just one program then there is some fault in your program installation and you need to install it again. But if you are getting this error in each and every program then there could be some virus in your computer which is causing this problem. You need to check that virus and then you will be able to solve your problem. It is easy to solve the virus issue. 

You need to run a full virus scan on your program and then you will be able to solve your problem. If the problem remains then you need to go to add remove programs and see for that specific file that contains these files. You can also reinstall your windows it the problem remains. But I am sure that after you have run a virus scan your problem will be solved and you will be able to see your programs. 

Good luck.

Michal Joran.

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