Forgot Administrator Password in windows XP

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 I recently confronted a big problem while using my XP windows. When I installed windows and created an Administrator Password I gave hint to remember password but unfortunately when I restarted my Computer after one month I could not remember my password. I went for hint but it did not help me because the hint was irrelevant. 

I even tried to restart windows in safe mode but it did not worked as it is again asking for password and my mind became totally blank about this issue. I tried my best to start windows and recover my data from My Documents folder but someone told me that without installing windows the problem could not solved. I have very important data in My Documents folder which is on C Drive and for installing windows I have to format the windows and this will result in total loss of my data.

Please any one can help me about this problem to solve my problem and save my data.

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Forgot Administrator Password in windows XP


Hi Amjidzareen,

This is a big trouble isn't it ? As your friend said you can reinstall windows XP but it will be a problem that your document will be gone after if you do a clean installation.

What kind of computer do you have ?

I can give a solution, you can just remove your hard disk from the computer and attach it to another computer and then by using that computer you can copy your data to a USB pen drive of you can copy your data to another partition. That the easy way after that you can perform a clean installation if you want.

Alternatively you can use Linux live CD to boot and from Linux Porteus. You can copy your data into a pen drive. this method is easy because you don't need to remove your hard disk only thing you want to do is boot the computer from CD ROM.

You can download it from following link:

This operating system will load from the CD or it will copy files to RAM. don't  install it just copy to RAM and boot from it, you will prompt for the options when you boot from this CD.


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Forgot Administrator Password in windows XP



Don't worry because I believe you can still recover your data from drive c. All you need to do is to transfer your hard disk drive to another computer and make it as a slave hard drive. By doing this you would be able to back up your important files on another computer. By then you can reformat that PC that has the problem. 

  • Do make sure that when you remove the hard drive, your PC must be totally turned off to avoid electrocution.
  • Make sure that the jumper settings on both hard disks will not conflict. As this would lead to only one hard disk is detected. Meaning, if the other PC’s jumper settings is primary-master, then the hard disk on the problem PC should have primary-slave jumper settings.
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Forgot Administrator Password in windows XP


Hi Amjidzareen,

How are you.

Don't worry about that problem. The only way to retrieve your files is to use the tool PARTED MAGIC. You can find this and download it in any website's. I will give you this hint on where to download it.

Save it and make it as an ".ISO" form and BURN it in the CD. This way you can RUN this like an Operating System that doesn't need any H. D. D.

Parted Magic is like a HARD DRIVE but it is design to be like simple OS form.

This system can also be used to DETECT and DELETE a VIRUS or a BUG that are hidden and that are invisible in your DRIVER.

If you see an unusual file that exist in your DRIVE. "autorun.inf" and "xxxx.pif" , this is a form that your system drivers are infected.

If you have a computer technician in your place, I am sure that they know this.

This is a bit tricky to download and making it an ISO form to RUN as OS in your computer.

Just try this steps above. I hope that you can retrieve your documents.

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Forgot Administrator Password in windows XP


One of the options was to restart Windows XP in safe mode but since this did not work there are some other available options which you can try without losing your data.

  1. Do you have a guest account or another account other than the administrator on the same installation. If you have a guest account or account name with another name you can use it to copy all your data to a safe location before formatting your primary drive.
  2. You can also reset the password of admin if your another account name has same privileges as the administrator.
  3. You can try reinstalling Windows XP under the repair option(not reinstallation).
  4. The last option is take out the hard drive, connect it to another computer and extract the data.


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