Windows Server 2008 FTPS Client

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Hi All,

I am getting "Connection Refused" message in Windows Server 2008 FTPS Client. My Internet is working fine and I can ping to the Internet FTP site. I tried connecting it by disabling Windows Firewall & Internet Security, Even though I am getting the same "Connection Refused" message. Any thoughts on, what might be the problem.

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Kristopher T Stark

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Windows Server 2008 FTPS Client


This error may be occurring because the host name and port you entered do not have server listening. You can check that you specified the correct host and port. If you do not understand this information, you can contact your web hosting provider for details. The default FTP port is 21.

If the server’s host name that you are attempting to connect to the corresponding IP address cannot be resolved, or if you are using a proxy server to connect, instead of the host name you can try using the IP address. To get the IP of the host/server you are trying to connect Use an external resolver.

This can be also caused in the firewall software that is stopping FTP Client from making outgoing connections. To fix this you can add your FTP client to allow list in your firewall Application. Also check if windows firewall in on and confirm that it is off.

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