How to connect FTP client to any Servers?

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I tried multiple FTP clients (FileZilla is my main one typically).I tried connecting to multiple FTP servers, but still nothing. I attempted to connect with no firewall,I opened ports etc. etc.

This is what I get —

Response: fzSftp started
Command: open "[email protected]" 22
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Could not connect to server

Any suggestions would be great, as I'm out of solution right now


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How to connect FTP client to any Servers?


Here following the successful login details in a hosing server. It may help you to fix your problem.

Status        :      Connecting to…

Status        :      Connection established, waiting for welcome message…

Response:     220———- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] ———-

Response:     220-You are user number 22 of 500 allowed.

Response:     220-Local time is now 02:38. Server port: 21.

Response:     220-This is a private system – No anonymous login

Response:     220 You will be disconnected after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Command:    USER u826017431

Response:     331 User u826017431 OK. Password required

Command:      PASS ******

Response:     230 OK. Current restricted directory is /

Command:      SYST

Response:     215 UNIX Type: L8

Command:      FEAT

Response:     211-Extensions supported:

Response:     EPRT

Response:     IDLE

Response:     MDTM

Response:     SIZE

Response:     REST STREAM

Response:     MLST type*;size*;sizd*;modify*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.uid*;UNIX.gid*;unique*;

Response:     MLSD

Response:     ESTA

Response:     PASV

Response:     EPSV

Response:     SPSV

Response:     ESTP

Response:     211 End.

Status:      Connected

Status:      Retrieving directory listing…

Command:     PWD

Response:    257 "/" is your current location

Command:     TYPE I

Response:    200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary

Command:     PASV

Response:    227 Entering Passive Mode (31,170,166,131,243,73)

Command:     LIST

Response:    150 Accepted data connection

Response:    226-Options: -a -l

Response:    226 4 matches total

Status  :    Calculating timezone offset of server…


Response:    213 20120330020205

Status  :    Timezone offsets: Server: -14400 seconds. Local: 21600 seconds. Difference: 36000 seconds.

Status  :    Directory listing successful

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