X-Box 360 Doesnt Access WiFi

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I own an X-Box 360 that allows internet access through an Ethernet port. I have shifted houses so I do not have internet access through Ethernet anymore. To ensure that my X-Box is up-to-date as possible, I bought a Wi-Fi (iogear) to be used by plugging it to the Ethernet port, then pressing the wps button. I have done this steps repeatedly but they are not working. What am I missing out? How is the adapter supposed to work?

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X-Box 360 Doesnt Access WiFi



You have miss to install the “Xbox 360” gaming console adapter. For installing it with your “Xbox 360” gaming console, follow these steps below:

· Firstly, unplug your “Xbox 360 Wireless and Networking Adapter” if it is plugged.

· After that, insert the installation disc for the installation of “Xbox 360 Wireless and Networking Adapter” into your “Xbox 360” gaming console.

· Then after the installation, turn off the console.

· After that, turn on the “Xbox 360” gaming console which results for the starting of the software update automatically.

· Then, install the updated software.

· After the installation is done fully, plug your “Xbox 360 Wireless and Networking Adapter” into the USB port of your “Xbox 360” gaming console.

· Then, remove your installation disc from the “Xbox 360” gaming console disc drive.

· After removing the disk from your “Xbox 360” gaming console, turn off “Xbox 360” gaming console and then turn it on again.

· And if you get a “Mixed media” error message follow these points below:


1.   Go to the “Settings” options of your “Xbox 360” gaming console.

2.    Then, select the option “System”.

3.   After that, select the Console Settings of your “Xbox 360” gaming console.

4.   Select the option “Auto-Play” on it.

5.   Then, select the “Enable” option of your “Xbox 360” gaming console and repeat the above steps again by installing the disk.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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