Forefront Thread Management Gateway security firewall

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I am building a forefront Thread Management Gateway security firewall (TMG) but before that I want to share my internet it has a Network internet controller (NIC) connected to a LAN then to a modem and a switch. Am trying to do PoPPE cabling which is working pretty Good, but the problem is it’s not supporting the (TMG).

I have tried to create another dial up connection but it’s still not working, instead the internet traffic indicates that the TTL has expired, it’s like it cannot ping.  I have even disabled the bridge mode in the router but still there is no internet access. Can anyone have a suggestion on how to make this work?

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Forefront Thread Management Gateway security firewall



You cannot do such a complex setup since you are using way too much protocols and routers and switches that it is all making a fuss.

  1. First take out a piece of paper and make a network sketch. See which data is flowing through which routers and switches.
  2. Make sure that the routers and switches in one path are not overlapping the IP addresses.
  3. In order to remove the overlapping, you have to disable the DHCP option from the routers and give it a static IP from the start.
  4. Now try to set up the PoPPE option and I am sure that you will not be getting the error again.

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