Windows says my firewall is turned off

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When I turn on my PC (running Windows XP service pack 2), after everything starts, I get a warning in the system tray that says “Your computer might be at risk, no firewall is turned on. Click on this balloon to fix the problem. ” I click the balloon, and the Windows security center says that my firewall is on and working fine.

 I’m not running any other firewall except Windows firewall.

Is this just something I have to live with? 

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Windows says my firewall is turned off



This is happening since your fire wall is not turned on. The fire wall is fine and no more any trouble with it. But not turned on. So the Windows is saying it is dangerous to turn off the fire wall since you can have virus attacks from internet. But turn on or off the fire wall is your choice. Recommended option is turn on. So when you start the computer it is reminding you that you have not turn on the fire wall.

To turn on the fire wall go to the control panel and there will be a option to turn on the fire wall. You can avoid this message by simply the fire wall turning on.

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