Error 1000-1046: Hard drive error or virus?

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Hi there TechyV experts,

I am having a really bad day. I know I should not tell the story of what happened to me the whole day. But, the worst of them all – my laptop was ruined.

I have a Dell laptop and I am encountering the error 1000 – 1046. I do not know what this error is all about, but when I researched about it. It says something about hard drives. When I knew about this, I got totally worried because of my important files.

I wish there is a way for me to save my hard drive as I was not able to back up all those files. Any help which can save my hard drive and files will be greatly appreciated.

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Error 1000-1046: Hard drive error or virus?


The error is cause due to hard disk. Your computer’s hard disk life in not remain enough.

  • There is not any type of surety that the error may be fixing or not.
  • I suggest you before purchasing the new hard disk try this:
  • First of all clean out your computer will Bloor or other pressurize air.
  • That air will specially make for this purpose.
  • This is error is occurred due to the dust in the computer.
  • After cleaning the hard disk unplugged your hard disk.
  • After unplugging then attach again your hard disk.
  • After try to restart the computer.
  • The problem may be solved.


Thank You.

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Error 1000-1046: Hard drive error or virus?


Error 1000-1046 is when the computer was unable to write data to your harddrive which occur mostly on Dell computers. Most common cause is the mechanism of the HDD or the connection of HDD Motherboard. You can try a few things to fix it by turn off your Laptop, Unplug the HDD and remove any dust or just clean the surface and replug it back again, turn on back your laptop if error still there, then HDD replacement is highly recommended. I suggest to back up your first ASAP you can try to connect your HDD to an enclosure and connect it to other PC to back up your files.

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