Why xampp does not work properly?

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My computer operating system is Windows7.

I used xampp as a local server since 2 month. Yesterday i install xampp for three times but it is not working properly.

I can start MySQL but Apache start for a few second and it automatically it stop.

So how can i solve this problem?

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Why xampp does not work properly?


You can addressed this issue by staring the XAMPP control panel, run the “mysql_start” batch file by clicking the start button found at the right side labeled MySQL. Check also the Dropbox.exe and see if its using the 3306 port. You can see any conflicting issues under port when you run the Port-Check under XAMPP control panel.

If the above solution doesn’t work then edit you config.inc.php file under the subfolder PHPMyAdmin that can be found inside the XAMPP installation folder. Use another localhost https://www.techyv.com/questions/phpmyadmin-error-cannot-start-session/. You can refer to this link. https://www.mysql.com/

If you are installing XAMPP under the Windows-based, most cases the developers have a MySQL installation already on their computer. The solution is to remove the existing MySQL and add it again with different name.

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Why xampp does not work properly?


Dear Priyadarshi,

There are many reasons why XAMPP is not working properly. It may have happened because you didn’t install XAMPP properly. However, I will tell you the full process. First, you reinstall your previous XAMPP.

Download XAMPP from here.

Install it. Now click XAMPP. Store the XAMPP file in your desired drive. Now click XAMPP control panel.
Check the Apache and MySQL and press Start for both buttons.
Now go to your browser and type http://localhost.
Create a database by SQL name. User root and password are required here.
Now go to your XAMPP file. Upload WordPress or Joomla in htdocs.
Again, browse http://localhost

You can see the installation process of WordPress. Install it and design your local host.

I hope you will be able to solve this problem and use XAMPP. 


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Why xampp does not work properly?


Hi Priyadarshi

This issue can be occurred due to various reason. Below is the steps that will possibly fix your issue. Make sure before trying this step you have clicked start in Apache section in the control panel of xampp.

1. First of all open httpd.conf in notepad. You can find httpd.conf inside C:xamppapacheconf.

The path can be different depending on the drive where you have installed xampp.

2. Next, comment the line 'LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so' by putting # sign infront of it. Next, restart xampp again and now Apache should work.

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