How I can restore my BIOS in Acer Laptop?

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Hi everybody,

I used Microsoft windows Vista Home Premium edition on my Acer Aspire 5315 laptop. But from couple of last days I have got myself stuck in an issue. More briefly I would like to tell you that it was just out of my curiosity that, I myself went to the manufacturer website of my laptop and then downloaded (its) BIOS update setup and after that I tried to update it. Just on the way, however the laptop got stacked for so much long time that’s why I tried to shut it down by pressing and also hold the power button, but I wasn’t able to do so.  Now my laptop’s screen even cannot be connected or it doesn’t start anymore.

I am still in the rap/net of this issue and not successful yet to get out of it by myself. Really I have tried all I can to get myself out of this mess, but since as the screen does not communicate; I have now clearly ended up in vain.

Remember, I already had removed the battery, but when I started my laptop again it did not start for me and even the power connectivity lights of it, are off when connected to power cable etc. Frankly I would like to speak, I am extremely worried and I don't know what to do for this problem. If anyone with idea, yes; tell me? Kindly tell me, How I can restore my bios in Acer Laptop? I will be very glad for your some help.

Accept thanks in advance from me!

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How I can restore my BIOS in Acer Laptop?


The problem is very genuine but I have its very easy and 100% accurate solution. Just follow these steps:-


  • First of all got and USB Flash Drive and then format the drive according to FAT system. The USB should not be bootable.
  • Then download the updated and newest version of BIOS.
  • After downloading the latest BIOS then unpack or extract all the files.
  • The FLASTIT.EXE and the BIOS file should be save in the root directory of USB.
  • Then Rename the BIOS file as ZG5IA32.FD and then proceed.
  • The BIOS is only work with the above mentioned file name.
  • Turn off the AA1 and then verify battery and AC adapter are plugged in or not.
    After this press Fn and Esc at same time and keep them pressed and then press the power button.
  • The Fn and Esc button release after few seconds.
  • After this the power button starts blinking. Press it only one time.
  • Then the AA1 will access all the things like files and flash drive and initiate the BIOS.
  • After some time the power button stops blinking.
  • And the AA1 restart automatically.
  • You should wait for a while.
  • If it will not restart but still blinking then wait for few minutes and turn it off and try again.


The above mentioned procedure should solve your problem.


Thank You.

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