Error in AMD RAIDXpert with HP Compaq Server

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Experts, please help..

We are using an HP Compaq dc5850 Server in the Office. 

It has Windows Vista Business, AMD Dual-Core Processors, has two (2) 250Gb HDD and 2 GB memory. 

Installed in it is the AMD RAIDXpert software. 

However, randomly it started to give out warnings such as this, see below. 

Any thoughts on this? 

Any advice on how to get rid of these warnings? 



                                [2010/11/30 20:34:26]

                                Task 30 timeout on disk (Port Number 1, Target ID 1) at LBA 0x0747a8

                                (Length 0x1)


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Error in AMD RAIDXpert with HP Compaq Server



I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem but this does raise questions about the integrity of your drives and of your system configuration. Though research has shown that a lot of people are having the same problem as you are having, almost all on HP machines.

Now a lot of factors to consider when trying to diagnose a problem with drive but we can isolate the problem so we can be sure that the component is truly defective. First we should check the health of your drive, download a SMART monitoring program and see if any defects are detected by the program.

You can download this program HDTune and make sure you turn on SMART in your BIOS. If it shows any errors, you might want to backup your data and replace the drive. If your drive checks out try reinstalling the RAID software if that fixes your problem. If the problem still ensues, it might be a HP related problem. If it is still under warranty I suggested you RMA it otherwise contact HP support and see if they acknowledge this problem and have a fix for it.

Hope this helps,

Howard Taft

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