Why wi-fi connection is not established on Samsung Galaxy 511?

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Hi. I have purchased Samsung galaxy 511 mobile and I am understanding its features and functions. But there is problem with wi-fi connection. When I try to connect with dsl modem (router), it catches signals of modem but ask security key every time. I have entered security key  as given on modem but mobile still not connect with it. I have also checked and changed wi-fi connection of mobile but no understand what to do. Please help what should be done.

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Why wi-fi connection is not established on Samsung Galaxy 511?


Hi there Raymond Adem,

Unfortunately, a bit more details about your router, settings and connection type are needed to give you the right solution.

I will try to give you some directions and hopefully, some of them will work for you.

First of all, make sure you are typing in the right password. Your mobile phone is asking you for the password that is set up to connect to the WI-fi and not the one to connect directly to the router. You can check the option under the password field to show you the symbols you're entering to make sure you're typing the correct password.

Also, have you tried to connect to some other WI-fi network? Is it working?

However, the problem is most likely in your router settings. Make sure that your router is set to use AES encryption. Also, check if you have some extra security options enabled and if you need to enter your phone's MAC address in order to connect.

Hope this helped,
Drake Vivian

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Why wi-fi connection is not established on Samsung Galaxy 511?



Hello there,

This is not a complicated question when we looking it from the router point of view but if we look from the phone point of view we need more information in order to solve this problem. So I will give you tip for the router settings

Step 1 – Enter in to your router using “” via your internet browser

Step 2 – And find the Wi-Fi setting and search for the no of users allowed.

Step 3 – If you have reached the no of users allowed increase it from another two or three

Now you will be able to connect your phone to Wi-Fi

But even then if you cannot connect you can check the Wi-Fi in two ways

1st connect some other device and see whether it’s getting connected. If so there is no problem with your router or Wi-Fi connection

2nd Connect your mobile to some others Wi-Fi connection and see. If it’s not getting connected there is a problem with your mobile settings. (Make sure Wi-Fi direct service on your android is switched off before connecting Wi-Fi)

Give some more information about router module and the error so we can help you in depth

Taylor B Campos

Thank You..!!

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