How to make PC cloning Windows 7 Citrix metaframe?

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Hi. I am using window 7 and as installed so many important softwares as well as Citrix metaframe to run multiple applications by different user on Citrix server. Now I want to back up all data in one place and recover if needed. So any method or software to make PC cloning windows 7 Citrix metaframe and whether I can use that backup to other similar specification system ?

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How to make PC cloning Windows 7 Citrix metaframe?



Hi Susan,
I understand that you want to backup your windows 7 Operating system along with the software which you have installed and the data files(videos,music,images). Also you may have created different users and wants to backup their data as well.
So there is a software 'Symantec Ghost' which is used for the data backup of entire pc.
Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to backup using this software:
Backing up entire PCs via Symantec Ghost:
Create an image file using Symantec Ghost.An image file is the file which contains all data and installed software which are present on the pc's hard drive.
The process is divided into 3 parts:
Part 1:
Preparation of USB hard drive to store image file:
1.Connect your USB Drive to the system.
2.Create a folder on your USB drive named BACKUP and many sub-folders in it for back up.
Once the USB drive is prepared you need to boot the Symantec Ghost.
Part 2:
Booting up Symantec Ghost:
1.Insert the Symantec Ghost CD into CD Drive.
2.Restart the PC and on restarting it should boot from Symantec Ghost CD.
Part 3:
Starting the Backup:
1.Click on Local -> Disk -> To Image
2.Select the drive partition you want to back up.Usually,this is drive #1
3.Next, select the folder you want to store your image in.Do this by selecting your
USB's BACKUP folder and then the sub-folder where the backup should be stored.
Once the folder is selected you will need to specify a file name(file name can be any name).
Then click Save.
4.Select “Fast” when asked about compression and then the backup will start.
Hope it helps you.

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