How bluetooth address ps3 android works?

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My friend got a new bluetooth address ps3 android, I don't understand what is the relevant of the device and how it works properly. I just want to know how to configure and use it for me to help my friend in discovering all the features of the ps3 so that we can be able to play together and share ideas. Need your help in this.

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How bluetooth address ps3 android works?


To use your Android phone as a Bluetooth for the PS3, you need to install an application called BlueputDroid, which is also called as Beta.

With this application, the device’s touch screen display can be used as a mouse and keypad can be used with the ps3 web browser to chat messages while in game.

Following are the instructions for using your Android device as Bluetooth PS3 :

1. Install  the new version of BlueputDroid on your Android phone.

2. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth and also log into your PS3 account.

3. When logged into the PS3 account, select the “Settings” icon from the main page and then click “Accessories” and press the “X” button.

4. Select “Manage Bluetooth Devices” and then select “Register New Device” and press the “X” button to scan for Bluetooth devices.

5. Now, launch BlueputDroid on your Android phone and tap the “Start” button to find the Android device and a prompt will appear on the display when search was completed.

6. Select the Android device from the prompt list and press the “X” button. An activation code will appear.

7. Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the BlueputDroid screen and tap on the PS3 in the Bluetooth list.

8. Enter the activation code appeared in step 6 and tap “Enter. ” Now, the green input screen will appear which shows that the PS3 and Android device are paired.

9. Now, drag the green input screen for the movement of mouse on PS3. To left click, tap once. To right click, tap twice. Press the “Menu” button to start using the keyboard.

Hope this information helps you better.

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