Why does my network connection drop every so often?.

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Why does my network connection drop every so often?

I use a MacBook and use Firefox in it. I think it's not a problem in the router because all lights on the router are green. Then what's the problem?

Please help.

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Why does my network connection drop every so often?.


Hi Sudeshnt,

Whatever Brand you're using as long as you have a problem with your Internet Service Provider then you could not access the Internet. The first step to be done is to call your Internet Service provider hotline and ask help regarding your internet connection when it is restored then always make a follow up time to time if they don't response then try to call them again until it fix. Second is the router, try to check it, the IP address, connect to the internet if it's really enable.

Next is to check the capability if it is plugged or unplug try to crimp new one using RJ 45 to make it sure it will not cut. Lastly, use another router check if still drops so that you will know if the problem is the router or not. This is the common symptoms of the damage router the sudden drop of its connection and always can't connect to the internet.


Tony Stevenson

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Why does my network connection drop every so often?.


Hello Sudeshnt,

Have you tried restarting the router, because it might not be connected and sometimes restarting it is the simple fix to the problem?

Another thing that may be the possible cause your network connection dropping is straining the bandwidth. If you are queuing many more downloads on the network than they could be using up most of the network bandwidth and therefore when you try to access web pages they will take forever to load.

Minimize on the downloads and restart the router and see if that will help you overcome the network problems.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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Why does my network connection drop every so often?.



First of all you should be confident that your network connection is working or not.

To ascertain this simply open a command prompt, and type: ping https://www.yahoo.com/ -t and see if you are receiving the proper response (see picture)

If the response is properly received, then the second step for you to be trying to connect using some other browser like Internet Explorer and check whether the I/E can connect.

If even I/E also cannot connect then the issue is definitely due to some VIRUS OR MALWARE, but if I/E can connect, then you need to check whether some firewall is blocking the Firefox OR you have some Antivirus, like Symantec / NORTON which really plays havoc with the Firefox connections.

Try connecting after disabling these Antiviruses, and adding exceptions in the firewall.



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