I need your help with Mozilla Firefox

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Hi guys , I am getting an error “MOZCRT19.dll not found ” when I execute Firefox , I have already updated it to the latest version,please can anyone help me to solve this problem

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I need your help with Mozilla Firefox


Hey Mila!

Actually MOZCRT19.dll is missing in the folder where you have installed the Mozilla Firefox. May be antivirus is the reason behind this problem. I t is possible that your antivirus found that file harmful so it may be deleted by your antivirus.

Anyways do not worry about all this because I was also facing the same problem recently and I got fix this problem.

What you need to do is to just download the MOZCRT19.dll file from the internet and paste it to the folder you have installed the Mozilla Firefox (Default is C:/Program files/ Mozilla).

Here is the link from where you can download MOZCRT19.dll.




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I need your help with Mozilla Firefox


I have all the major web browsers on my computer but I cannot seem to find the “mozcrt19.dll” file in Firefox’s installation folder. I do have “mozavcodec.dll”, “mozavutil.dll”, “mozglue.dll”, and “msvcp140.dll” but not the “mozcrt19.dll” file. They probably removed it and replaced with something else on newer version that’s why I don’t have it. Since you encounter this error, check if you have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on your computer.

If you have it then that what triggers the error. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a combination of an antivirus and a firewall and that what probably caused the file to gone missing. To fix the problem, disable “Virtualization” in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and then reinstall Mozilla Firefox. That should fix the problem. Or instead of reinstalling the browser, might as well update to the latest version.

Download and install the latest from Mozilla Firefox Free Download.

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