When microphone is plugged in, it will record automatically

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Dear All,

Please help me out. I am fond of listening to music and my headset, which happens to have a microphone as well for dual purpose. Also in addition, my headset with microphone has to plugs in the end for the microphone and for the headset. My problem is, whenever I plug the microphone when I am on Skype or Ym, it would simultaneously start recording and it bothers me.

I have not tried it with other headset as I do not have another one, and I do not want to buy a new one as well since my headset is still working and just a few months old. It just won’t work well in my laptop when it comes to the microphone feature.

I hope I was able to describe it that our experts can understand. Please help out.

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When microphone is plugged in, it will record automatically



Windows XP/ Vista

Open the Control panel
Open the "Sounds and Audio Devices" icon.
Verify the "Place volume icon in the taskbar" checkbox is checked. If this option is not available or is greyed out, skip to the next section of this document.
If you were able to check this box, click ok and close out of this window and the Control Panel.
Double-click the sound icon in the systray and verify that all the sound volumes are mid-way or higher.

Verify the installed driver settings
Open the Windows Device Manager
Verify there are no conflicts or errors listed anywhere in Device Manager. If conflicts exist skip down to conflicts section.
Verify no other devices are listed. If other devices are listed skip down to other devices section.
Verify that your "Sound, video and game controllers" category is listed, if not skip down to the missing sound card section.
If no conflicts or other devices are listed and your sound card is listed with no conflicts, skip to the next section.

Once you plugin the headphones, there should be an option to switch from microphones to headset.

You can also unplug the microphone and lead in the headset when you are listening to music.


Good Luck!!  

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