The best instant camera available and its best features

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I want to know more about Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. What are the best features of it? What are the specifications? How much is it in the market? What do you mean by QR Code? What is Mood Assistant A.I.? What is the functions of this? What is the Socialmatic Instant Filters? What is the types of paper that we need to use with this camera? How much is it per bundle? Can you show me how to use the camera? Can you show me step-by-step on how to print a picture with this camera? Thank you!

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The best instant camera available and its best features


Hello Christine!

The best features of Polaroid SocialMatic Camera is that even though you don’t have wifi, you can pair it with another device and send the images. It has a 14-megapixel camera, touch screen, built in wifi and Bluetooth, built in GPS and QR code.

Specifications of the camera.

1.    4GB internal storage

2.    Micro SD for external storage

3.    LED Flash

4.    Mood Assistant A.I.

5.    Stereo Speakers

6.    2 megapixel back camera

The price is $281 up to $295 a piece. Mood Assistance uses the QR code to provide the user and the photos with unique code or impression. It will give you emoticons that it is happy if you use the camera a lot. It will show you different emotion icons depending on the local weather and how long you’ve used the phone. The Instant Filters allows you to right away edit your images. It uses the “ZINK” paper to print captured images. For 80 pcs of “ZINK” paper will cost $24. Insert the ZINK paper. Push the shutter button and tap the “Printer” icon and it will print your image in less than 1 minute.

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