Brief description of Webdav Port Dlink

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Hi everyone. I have heard of Webdav port dlink in class and I kind of didn't notice the description given by my professor so I was searching it in the internet but didn't find any. Can you give me a good description of it? Thanks in advance!

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Brief description of Webdav Port Dlink


Hi Fabion,

To answer your question on webdav port dlink, I will disintegrate it into three sections: webdav, webdav port and dlink.

Webdav is actually an abbreviation for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. It is an independent extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) thus it is indeed by itself a protocol that enables users to edit and manage their files on the web. It also manages file-sharing, creation and deletion of documents on the web. In addition to this, it performs other functions such as: enabling moving and copying of web pages over the web; managing the creation, deletion and display of a variety of resources like sites such as the yahoo mail and also enhances protection to files by locking them if an unauthorized user tries to access them.

According to my research, the webdav port is the port that the server listens to thus enabling access to any internet protocol including webdav. This port enables information exchange between the client computers and the web server.

D-link on the other hand is an IT company that deals with the manufacturing of computer products and networking solutions.

Therefore, according to the above information, the webdav port dlink is one of the products produced by the D-link company and it is used to access the webdav protocol.


Martin East.


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