When attempting to write DVDs using Nero 7 the space gets occupied

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I am having a problem with writing DVDs on Nero 7. Every time when attempting to burn, the space gets occupied on the disk but nothing opens and I get the error shown in the following attachment. This is simply wasting my DVDs. I was able to work with this program only two days back without any issues and nothing has changed since then. I am using Sony DVD’s as I have always used. I also tried using DVD’s from Imation too this time. But I am not able to burn the DVDs properly. I am using 16x speeds to burn. I even tried using 8x speeds and that is also causing a problem. I also checked my source data to ensure that none of the files are corrupted. Then what could be causing this issue? Please help. I have exhausted all my possibilities and any help you can give to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated. Regards.

Nero Express

Burn process failed at 18x (24,930 KB/s)


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When attempting to write DVDs using Nero 7 the space gets occupied


I also experience problems when burning DVDs even if I already successfully burned DVDs before and it’s the same CD burning software I’m using. My experience is quite different because the process completely corrupted the entire DVD-RW disc which is very much working before I burned it. But it’s good thing that it happened because I learned that the cause of the corruption is one particular option that I manually enabled.

That’s why after that I permanently disabled that option whenever I burn any disc. In your case, since you already have several DVD discs that have burned data because of the burner’s error, try doing an experiment on the options you enabled in the program. You can practice on the disc that got burned space until you find the cause of the problem and you can burn data perfectly again.

But in case you still can’t burn data on disc properly, use a different burner for your DVDs. Maybe the problem is really with the burner. Like me, try using CyberLink Power2Go when burning different CDs. I’m not only using CyberLink Power2Go, I’m using the entire CyberLink DVD Suite which includes nine other software and it includes the CyberLink Power2Go CD burner.

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