CCC issues including I/O Errors

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Hi experts,

I am sure this problem is same as of others. So, please help me.

I feel, this is my third complete try at a duplicate to promote from a 160 GB HD to a five hundred GB drive on a MacBook.

I believe most of the technological data about makes etc., will remain in the log file. Then, I will make it clear.

It looks to hang about 126GB.

I have been backing the files all this time and it is holding on onto one more drive. I have removed them from my foundation and will attempt to carry on backup.

That's on 12GB of files.

Basically, CCC is freezing.

Once I press on stop, sometimes I have had difficulty in continuing, attempting a variety of things, till in the end, Mac is unable to erase or reformat any drive.

It needs to be plugged into another net book, for reformatting windows, after which, it starts again on the Mac!

One or two times, it has ended due to the target address being transformed. I feel that this is because I turned it off when I went to bed last night.

So obviously, I'm not doing that at this time as well as I will make an effort to do it again. I felt, I would set this up, but there is really something in the log I am going to miss.

Really, I haven't researched about this forum a lot. Anyway, I will make out how I find on with this duplicate.

There are not enough things to do. Now I have reduced the 160 GB H drive to only 130 GB and almost 126 was done.

I need to solve this.

I need your help. Please help me.

Thanks again.

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CCC issues including I/O Errors



Dear User,


The first thing I would do with this issue is go to your Disk Utility, select the drive you wish to clone.

1.) Look at the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive and make sure it says "Verified". If not your drive may be failing.

2.) Next click on First Aid tab and click Repair Disk.

3.) Keep running Repair Disk over again until it shows no issues.

4.) Next select Repair Permissions. Wait until operation completes.


At this point we know for sure you Hard Disk is in good working order and there are no issues, as far as your system can see. Now we can get your clone Hard Disk ready.


1.) In Disk Utility select the Hard Disk in the left hand side that you wish to copy to.

2.) Click on the partition tab.

3.) Choose at least "1 Partition" from the Volume Scheme, you can choose more if desired.

4.) Click options button at the bottom of the Partitions Table and choose GUID Partition Table, then click OK.


5.) Specify a name that will help you easily identify it as a backup Hard Disk.

6.) Make sure you specify "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as volume format.

7.) Click Apply


This gets your new Hard Disk in the correct format for CCC to clone a Mac drive. Doing both of these before you perform a copy/clone of your Mac Hard Disk should clear up any system issues.


Thank You.

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