Virus Detected alert on my computer

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Can you help me on this? Always I am getting an error message saying that Virus detected.

According to that error, the virus name is windows XP.destination folder is C:Windows|system32.

So I scanned my computer with my virus guard.Avira antivirus premium.

But It couldn't give me a solution.Then I installed Avast antivirus and scanned after uninstalling the avira.

But the error comes again and again. Can you check on below image?

Virus Detected

Your computer has detected a virus of unknown origin and will now remove it and the folder it's in from this computer.

This is the situation.please help me.

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Virus Detected alert on my computer


This kind of problem often occurs when you used the free version of Anti-virus.

Free anti-virus often cannot detect this kind of virus.

You can use any kind of anti-virus. Every anti-virus (which are original) has the ability to detect this kind of virus and remove it from your computer. Your computer is not  in critical situation.

It could be happened because of free anti-virus failure. You can use NORTON. Kaspersky, Avast, Avira etc.

But you have to use the original version of this anti-viruses. From my opinion you can use Norton or kaspersky.

Or, reformat your windows. It can solve your problem.

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Virus Detected alert on my computer


Yap that is a virus alright. That is the kind of virus that displays misleading information. Just don't follow what the dialog box says. You will be sorry for sure if you follow what it wants you to do.

The message says that the virus is in the system32 folder inside Windows directory. It is not clear if what file it is going to delete. Maybe the whole system32 folder, or maybe some parts of the Windows folder will be included in the deletion. We really don’t know.

Since you have already installed and uninstalled some of the antivirus you have and it still didn’t work.

The best remedy would be to reformat your hard drive so everything will be fresh. And this time try installing Norton Antivirus.

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Virus Detected alert on my computer


Hi Joseph88,

Dear it is a virus attack on your system.
Kindly first scan your computer for viruses with latest and updated antivirus.
You should use "Panda Antivirus 2013 Pro" it provides a large definition to fight against the virus.
After install this software you have to restart your computer, and then scan all of your hard drives.
It will take a very low time. After this your computer will be very light in speed.
No burden of virus will remain.
It is only the virus problem which you are facing.
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Virus Detected alert on my computer


Hi. This issue is caused by a virus attack.

Run a complete scan on your computer using the latest antivirus program.

I suggest you use Panda Antivirus 2013 Pro, as it gives a large definition opposing these viruses.

You can download it from the link:

After the installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer. 

After the restart, perform the scan. It will take a little while before it finishes scanning for possible viruses.

When there are viruses found, please remove it using Panda Antivirus or quarantine the virus if there is one.

I hope it fixes your issue.

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Virus Detected alert on my computer


I think this is a form of Rogue Security Software. This is a form of Internet fraud that composed of malware.

It usually misleads the users to pay to remove the malware by showing this Rogue Security Software.

They aim to collect money from the user to get rid of the malware but instead, they introduces more malware to your computer. Rogue Security Software are fake warnings that pop ups in your computer screen. For more information about it, you can go to Microsoft website below:

Fake Virus Alerts

To remove this, it is best that you scan you computer for viruses or malware.

Always enable your Firewall so you can get rid of these fake warnings.

Use a strong antivirus/anti malware software to ensure that it can remove the virus completely.

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