What is HYPR3? How can I connect it to my device?

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Did any one hear about HYPR3? It is just a concept or a device that is already launched? I have heard that it is a magical device that will ease our internet payments, is it true? Also it can connect to any device though Bluetooth , is this also true? How much does it weighs? Is it heavy to carry? How much does it costs? Can someone also please describe how to use it?

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What is HYPR3? How can I connect it to my device?


The Hypr-3 gadget is a light, slim device that is designed to offer the power and convenience of mobile payments to any mobile device that is equipped with Bluetooth. Your credit cards and debit cards are securely stored using an application that works as a mobile wallet. Aside from that, an open API is also available so that developers can design their own applications or incorporate support into present products.

The design of Hypr-3 is based upon a 3-factor authentication. The first aspect or factor is something you have which, in this case, is the Hypr-3 stick itself. It is a 3.2 millimeter thick stick that acts as an encrypted token generator. You can stick it at the back of your phone or anywhere else. There are some that attaches it on a keychain.

Bluetooth connectivity lets it pair or connect with your Bluetooth-equipped smart device from several feet away. The second factor or aspect is something you are, which is being taken care of by the built-in fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader identifies if it is really you who is using the device by swiping your finger. The Hypr-3 will then transmit an encrypted token onto your phone that authenticates your identity.

The third aspect is something you know which is normally a pin number that is used to unlock your device. You can use Hypr-3 on any Bluetooth-enabled device such as tablet, iOS, Android, and a PC.

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