Burn AVCHD format to DVD

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I’m having problems burning a video in AVCHD format to a DVD. The burned file is not playing in a DVD player or in a media player. What could be the error?

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Burn AVCHD format to DVD



It seems that your burning process has some error. If the burning process not right then it will not work. On the other hand your computer configuration for HD video must be checked. Try to update your drivers. Install new versions of players that can play HD videos. When you convert any video in HD format the size increases. So make sure your DVD has enough space left for the burning process.

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Burn AVCHD format to DVD


AVCHD is a short term that stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. It is a file-based format for the playback of HD video and digital recording. It normally uses the MP4 container format and uses the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video compression standard.

If your video doesn’t play on a DVD player after burning it on a DVD disc, try playing the original, unburned file on your PC using any media player that supports MP4 file format. If the video file doesn’t have a problem, you should be able to play it on your computer with a media player like the VLC media player.

But if it doesn’t playback then the file is probably corrupt. There’s no way of fixing it and make it playable on the DVD player. Before you can successfully play a burned video on a DVD disc on your DVD player, the original video file has to be working first. It should be playable on your computer to have a successful playback on the DVD player.

A working video file can be burned as a normal data file and create a data disc or a video disc and it should play successfully on a DVD player. When you insert a data disc that contains video files on a DVD player, normally, it will display the contents of the disc on your TV as a list.

You can play each file using the DVD player’s remote control. Now when you burn the video file and create a video disc, it will play on the DVD player like an ordinary DVD video disc with menus. To fix your problem, find a different video to burn and make sure it is playable on the computer.

Before burning it on a disc, try playing it first on the computer to make sure it is playable. Once you verify that it is working and you can play the video up to the last minute, you can then burn it on a blank CD or DVD disc.

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