USB drive found but not showing.

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I am suffering from a problem with my USB port.My computer founds any devices containing USB port but not showing it in the "my computer''.how to fix the problem?

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USB drive found but not showing.


Hi Dawn Knopf,

      Well, that surely is quite a problem especially when you have something important in your USB Drive. Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why you're USB Drive could not be accessible. It could be because of some bad registry issues or some conflicts in your drives like driver letter assignation issues, Anyway, we can always easily fix those issues. It is not yet certain what is causing this so we will just try every possibility in troubleshooting this problem.

First, fix and clean your registry, It should probably easy now since there are a lot of programs which automatically fix your registry issues. I suggest you use CCleaner. It is super easy to use. Not only does it cleans your registry but it also cleans other aspects of your computer.

Second, try assigning a specific drive to your USB. We can manage drive letters through computer management. Open computer management via control panel. Once opened, click disk management. On the right side, right-click on your USB drive. You should probably be able to assign a drive.

Hope it works.

>>Mathew Joni<<


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USB drive found but not showing.


I think you are referring to devices that are USB-type, not just an ordinary USB flash drive. The usual USB flash drive we use on the computer doesn’t require a driver to be able to use it. When you insert it on the computer for the first time, Windows installs it using its generic drivers, and then it appears as another drive.

There are USB-type devices that require its specific application to be installed before the drive appears among the available drives. If you don’t run its installer, the USB device will not be installed and will not appear in the list of drives. If this is what you are experiencing where the device doesn’t appear, check if the device requires an application to be installed so the USB driver will also be installed.

If it is an ordinary USB flash drive then it is not possible for Windows to hide it. Even if the flash drive is broken, it will still appear in the list of drives but not accessible. Your CPU is designed with several USB ports. Try using the other ports if the USB device is still not detected.

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