What is the function of svchost.dll?

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I always see a file named svchost.dll functioning in the background under task manager but I don't know the function of the file.

Do you guys have any idea about the file?

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What is the function of svchost.dll?


Hey Jovan Clayton!

If you have ever noticed, you will come to know that are always more then 2 or 3 copies of svchost.dll running in your background. But question here is, what is Svchost?

The answer for this question is very simple. Svchost is referred to Service Host. There are many components which needs to run the windows and windows named them as "Services".

You can check from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Service, that which services are running.

Windows does not named them separately but give them one name and that is svchost.dll.

I hope that now you understand that what is svchost.dll.




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What is the function of svchost.dll?


Trusted sources say that svchost.dll is not a core Windows file and that it is capable of hiding itself.

The file also has no description and, according to certain specialists, may even be injected and become harmful.

Please see the following links for further details:




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What is the function of svchost.dll?


You selected Windows XP as the category for your post but how come the file is different on my computer. Like you, I am also using Microsoft Windows XP and already updated my system to Service Pack 3 which is the latest and very last Service Pack update for Windows XP after it got unplugged from Microsoft. In your computer, the file running is “svchost.dll” while in my computer the file running is “svchost.exe”.

According to Microsoft, it is a generic host process name for services that run or operate from dynamic-link libraries. In the past, Microsoft began transferring the entire functionality of the internal Windows services to DLL files (.dll) rather than EXE files (.exe). From a programming point of view, this makes sense for reusability. But the problem is, a DLL file can’t be launched or started directly from Windows.

There has to be a running executable that will load the DLL file. And this is when the “svchost.exe” process was born. Service Host or svchost.exe is a system process where numerous Windows services are hosted in the Windows NT family of operating systems. It is important in the execution of the supposed shared service processes. In shared service processes, several services can share a process to be able to reduce resource consumption.

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