What Does Windows Server 2003 Extend Partition Mean?

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What is the meaning of extending partition? What does Windows Server 2003 extend partition do? How does it work?

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What Does Windows Server 2003 Extend Partition Mean?


The extending of the bits available for the operating system is known as partition extending. Partition extends mainly process with the Hard Disk Drives or the C drive in My Computers. The process of extension helps in enlarging the processor of the system further useful in the smooth run of the computer.

To extend the partition on the Windows Server 2003,
• Right-click on My Computers and click on the option “Manage.” (The “Computer Management” window will show).
• Click on “Disk Management” which is in the left pane and check for the details.
• Also download and install any Partition Assistant Server Edition.
• Now click on the “Start” and click on the “Run.”
• Now type “Diskpart” in the Command prompt.
• Enter “List Disk” and check for the details.
• Enter “Select disk 0.” Enter “list partition” and check for the details.
• Select the required partition where the memory is less and type “extend.” (Exit the command program).
• Check for the details under “Disk Management” window.
• Right-click on the “c:” and click on the “Resize Partition” option. (Manually resize the drive by dragging the cursor).
• After done, click on the option “okay.”
• Click on the option “Apply” and then click on the option “Proceed” under Pending operations. (The disk will reload).
• Click on “Extend Partition Wizard” to make the necessary settings.
• Click on the option “Proceed” if finished.
• The process of extension takes place and check the result on the drives of “My Computer.”

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