What to do when my computer freeze?

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What to do when my computer freeze?

My computer likes to freeze, but I can still move my mouse. I think this all started when I first got an error message. It only shows up when I start the computer. The name is RUNDLL and it says "error loading C:Windowssystem32bmwduwvu.dll.

The specified module could not be found." My computer is also very slow too. I'm freaked out when my computer was like this. I really don't know what to do.

Anybody knows this kind of problem?

What happen to my computer?

What should I do to solve this problem?

How can fix it?

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What to do when my computer freeze?


Hi there!

My suggestion for you is to remove other applications a program that unused. It only occupies some of the memory that is why your computer is running too slow. And I have here some solutions to fix your problem. Do any of the following solutions that given.

Solution 1: RUNDLL error is because dll is missing or corrupted and that is about having virus/spyware. Have you tried to scan the whole computer? If not, better to scan your computer with your updated anti-virus. You have to update the anti-virus before you proceed to scan your computer. On your anti-virus, click the Tools tab and select update and wait for a second. When updating is done, proceed now to scan your computer. After the scanning, look for the scan result. If some of your programs/applications are infected by virus, better to remove it. It can infect more of your programs/applications.


Solution 2: RUNDLL error can be the cause why your computer performs slow and hang up. Clean your Registry will help you to resolve this problem. I will give you the steps, follow these steps:

Run your computer into safe mode

A. Restart the computer and press F8 key during the loading startup, then in the Windows Advanced Option select Safe Mode and hit Enter.

B. On startup, the Desktop dialog box will appears and you are going to select YES button.

C: Press the Windows key -> click Run -> type "regedit" then hit Enter.

D: Click  the File tab, -> select Export and Type the name for the backup file then click save.

E: After creating a backup of your registry, -> click on the (+) sign to expand the HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE then scroll down, -> click (+) plus sign of the SOFTWARE.

F: Same steps to locate the MICROSOFT and find WINDOWS and locate CURRENT VERSION then find RUN.

G: Press Delete to get of the located files

Before you think of deleting a file make sure you first find out what the file is about and if needed Google for it.

Restart the your computer after you close the registry


Solution 3: These methods is to avoid computer slow performance. You have to perform Disk cleanup & Disk defragmenter. They are recommended to do regularly, it helps you clean and compress files. Disk cleanup helps you to free up disk space on your hard drive.

Follow these steps for Disk Cleanup:

A: Run the computer into Safe Mode, follow the steps in Solution 2 at A-B

B: Press the Windows key -> click Run -> type "cleanmgr.exe" then hit Enter.

C: Disk Cleanup dialog box will open, -> check all the check box on the Files to delete.

D: Click OK > click Yes. The disk cleanup is cleaning up necessary files. Then after it clean the files, the dialog box will automatically close.

Then let's proceed now with Disk Defragmenter.

Solution 4: Disk Defragmenter helps you to increase the speed by rearranging files that stored on your hard disk.

Then after you perform the Disk Cleanup, Let's proceed now in Disk Defragmenter. Follow these steps:

A: Press the Windows key, select All Programs, select Accessories,  select System Tools,  select Disk Defrgmenter.

B: Disk Defragmenter window will open. Then right-click the local drive C and select Defragment and wait for a minute and when defragment is done. Then after, restart your computer.


Solution 5: Other solutions is to remove the Temporary Internet Files, History a cookie to avoid the slow performance of your computer.

Follow these steps:

A: Press the Windows key > Control Panel – Select Network and Internet Connections category > pick Internet Option icon.

B: In the General tab, check the Delete browsing history on exit check box and click Delete button.

C: Kindly check all the check box, but if you don't want to delete Form data or Passwords don't check. The important to delete is the Temporary Internet files, History and Cookies.

D: then click the Delete button > after deleting the files click OK.

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What to do when my computer freeze?


Hello Lianne,

Rundll is a system file used by the operating system. In your post, the Rundll might be corrupt due to the bad sectors developed on your drive where the Rundll file is being placed. Another reason for this is the cause of malware or virus attack.

To solve the Rundll issue, you can perform check disk by using the Check Disk Utility. To do this, Open My Computer and select the partition or drive you want to check. It could be the drive C: where your operating system is stored. Right click on the selected drive and choose properties. On the properties, select tools then click the check now button. There are two options will be given and its up to you to choose or just check both. A confirmation message will appear that check disk will take effect after the system is restarted. Restart your computer and check disk will commence and please wait patiently as check disk takes a lot of time depending on the total size of the drive.

Another option is to repair windows by using your installation CD.  Visit these link for more detailed instructions. http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

Another cause why your PC is slowing down is due to unwanted programs installation. You have to limit installing programs that is only at the recommended requirements your PC can handle.

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What to do when my computer freeze?


Hi Lianne,

Your computer is at risk.

This may be done by a virus. This is a big problem though it corrupt the program in your system.

The only way to check if there's any virus detection is too:

Go to Start: Command Prompt. Type "CMD" on it as shown below.

If your on Command Prompt Window.

Type all as shown below.

Follow the above format.

If you see any  "autorun.inf " or " .exe" and " .pif " in DRIVE C

Then your PC is Infected.

This name are proven and certified to be a virus based on my research and experience.


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