What to do when a computer freezes?

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Sometime when I am playing a game my computer will just freeze and I cannot do anything about in.

Both of my keyboard and mouse are unable to use. The only option that remains is by pressing the power button several seconds to power off the computer. What is the right thing to do when the computer freezes?

Good Luck all to help me solve this issue.

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What to do when a computer freezes?

  • Most of computer users experience PC hangs up or freezes while using it. To determine that your computer really freezes is to press the “Num Lock Button” found at the right side of the keyboard. If the light turns of or on then you’ll just have to end task the application that makes your computer unresponsive.
  • Press ctr+alt+del on the keyboard, under the “Applications” tab locate the name of the task or the program, right click it and select “End Task” if still unresponsive, go to “Process” tab and select the name of the process, right click it and select “End Process”.
  • Try unplugging mouse cord/Keyboard at the back of the CPU, maybe your mouse or keyboard are not working correctly this is one of the causes while computer freezes. Before doing the last option by powering off manually the computer, wait for at least several minutes. If still unresponsive then press the restart button on the CPU or hold the power button until the computer shuts down. By doing so, all unsaved information will be lost.
  • Tip Avoid opening multiple applications if your computer are not be able to handle it.
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What to do when a computer freezes?


Computer freezed, ohhh,

Hi dear,

  • First of all you should make your computer a bit updated in terms of RAM and processing speed or the update of your graphics card, as the freezing between playing the game is due to heavy load of the game by which your game freezes.
  • The method to off the game, is same as if the computer freeze completed than atleast leave it for 10 minutes apart and then after 5-10 minutes try to press ALT+CTRL+DELETE key to get the window of end task, if the window not comes wait some more time 5 min and then again try, also check that if the computer is freeze or not by pressing caps and num or scroll lock keys, if the lights are not generated means the computer is yet freezed.
  • So if after doing this all you still have the problem of freezing of computer than you have no choice except power off the pc or restart it.
  • I would suggest you to upgrade your pc in terms of specifications of your games you mostly play on it.

RAZA sheikh

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What to do when a computer freezes?


If you are playing games and your computer freezes, it only means that you do not have enough memory on your computer to run the game. Maybe the game you are playing requires a much higher RAM and processor which your computer failed to give. If you are more into gaming, you need to use at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core Processor.

Try to free some space and remove all unwanted programs. Run your antivirus and delete if there is any virus found.

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