How to Recover my hard disk data ?

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My externtal hitachi 1Tb hard drive will not recognize as a drive on my computer. I have only had it a number of weeks, it has not been used a lot and I could not tell you a reason why this may be the case. I have tried several computers, and USB connections and nothing has helped.

There is data recovery software on the drive if that is of use. I would like to be able to use it once to copy the data to another hard drive and then I can send it back on warranty.

What can I do now ?

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How to Recover my hard disk data ?


Dear Juwel.

There is a problem that if once your harddisk was formatted than you will not find any data on that drive.

But there is only one way to recover the data from the drive.

Please go to the following link and download the software.

Install this software and search on the drive on which drive you have kept your files.

After searching on that drive you will get that file which you have formatted or deleted.

Then save it on a pendrive or a portable drive.


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How to Recover my hard disk data ?


This is problem occurred when you format your hard disk. Don’t upset. It is not major problem to solve.

To solve this problem you need to use data recovery software. It is the only one way to recover your data from hard disk.

Install data recovery software if you have or download from internet. After installing search the lost data that you format or delete. Save the lost data file on safe drive or write any cd/dvd disk or pen drive.

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How to Recover my hard disk data ?


To recover your files from your hard disk there are some Software's.

Following is the software that will recover deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

Here is a link download it, recover your hard disk and enjoy.

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How to Recover my hard disk data ?


Hello Juwel,

I will advice that you check the cabling properly during the installing of the hard drive to the computer. Make sure that the cables are well connected to the motherboard and the hard drive, and also ensure that the cables are loosely attached.

But just to be safe, you can use a software called recovermyfiles to retrieve any information that you may have lost. You can download recovermyfiles for free from, then install it on the computer. Launch and select the partition that had the data and the choose the recovery option on recovermyfiles to retrieve all the files that were lost on that partition, then choose a destination to save them.


Lee Hung

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