What is the difference between LCD and LED Monitor Screen?

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I'm in search for a new high definition monitor that is energy efficient. 

What is the difference between LCD and LED? 

I know both can handle 1080p high definition but which one has the better picture quality? 

I'm looking for a 22" display. LCD or LED?

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What is the difference between LCD and LED Monitor Screen?


Hello Steven,

The idea of buying new TV can be confusing especially if you are deciding which to choose from LCD TV or an LED TV it is just like buying a Smartphone.

I can suggest you factors to consider when buying or choosing between LCD or LED.

Here are some of the following;

1. The Display – it is one factor to consider because it is the centerpiece of the multimedia setup because once your TV is turned on, your eyes will be looking at it most of the time, from watching movies, shows, and playing games..

The question now is which of the two gives the best display quality and which is the best.

Technically when we say LED it is also an LCD TV. Why? Because both of the screen are made up of liquid crystal display. LCD has 2 layers of polarized glass that are combined together that makes the liquid crystal pass through or even block the light to display and control the television picture effects. Crystals do not create any light for the light created comes from the back of the screen which are series of lamps. On an LCD TV the lamps at the back of the screen is called the “fluorescent lamp” while on an LED TV the lights from the back screen is called the Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
Led has 2 types of methods that produce backlighting of the screen;
• Edge lighting (with or without local dimming)
• Full Array Lighting (with or without local dimming)
Most of the LED TV’s has the edge lighting with or without a local dimming category this is where the LED’s placed only along the edge of the LCD panel
LG , Sony and Samsung, have a better version using the edge lit with local dimming. This results in giving the better picture quality, and has black levels that becomes .

2. The Picture Quality
LED TVs have full-array backlighting with local dimming. LED TVs have black levels and contrasts than LCD TV . The color accuracy is also little better than an LED TV. While LCD TVs are no slouch on color accuracy, compared to an LED TV.

3. Energy Efficiency
For Energy Efficient television LED TV gets the most votes using less light to display pictures. LED TV’s are designed to produce a better quality picture less power than LCD TV’s.

4. The Price
LCD TVs are cheaper than LED TV’s

5. The Choice For Size
LED TVs are slimmer compared to LCD TV’s


Provided the difference of both LED and LCD TV’s , choosing or buying amongst the two really depends on the buyer, he must figure out which suits his needs the best. As obvious, LED TV’s have the most advance technology, better picture quality, but has a higher price point.

LCD TV still remains in the market production even though the popularity of the counterpart LED is growing big, this is because, LCD TV offers lower price or a good value above average of the picture quality.

Just remember that once you have your choice set it up properly because it is one of the first thing you have to do before anything else so that you can get the best result you want, for even the most high technology advanced TV set cannot give the striking picture quality you are looking for if it is not set up properly.

Hope this help.

Thanks and Have a great day.

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What is the difference between LCD and LED Monitor Screen?


Hello Dear,

LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, and LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. If we want efficiency, then the LED Monitor Screen is better than the LCD, because its refresh rate is higher than the LCD’s.

If we want better energy consumption, then LED is better than LCD as well. LED consumes less energy and less light. LED shows better results than LCD. LED shows crystal color display. LCD’s colors are so light. LED shows much high definition color than LCD. The LCD is also cheaper than LED. LED displays are expensive.


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What is the difference between LCD and LED Monitor Screen?



LCD or the Liquid Crystal Display and  LED or Light Emitting Diode are the two display technologies that are commonly used today. Anyway, visit this Techyv link to get more information regarding on this.

What is the Difference Between LCD and LED Monitors?

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